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David Cates reads Freeman Walker at Rocky Mountain College

In recognition of Black History Month, Rocky Mountain College is hosting a reading of the novel Freeman Walker on February 18, 2010 by author David Allen Cates, courtesy of the RMC English and History Departments in conjunction with the YMCA Writer‘s Voice. Cates will be visiting several classes at both MSU-Billings and RMC on February 18 and 19 in addition to his 7:30 pm reading in the Selover Room of the Student Union Building on RMC‘s campus.

According to the flyer provided by the YMCA to promote the event, “Freeman Walker is about one man’s search for truth and moral freedom.

The story of a freed slave boy whose journey takes him to England, back to America during the Civil War, then to the gold camps of the American West…”

Linaya Leaf, Professor of English and Theatre Arts at RMC, and Timothy Lehman, Professor of History and Political Science at RMC, have invited Cates to visit their classrooms while in Billings. A place Cates is familiar with according to that says he “works in Missoula with the Missoula Writing Collaborative, teaching classes on the short [story] in public high schools”

Leaf says she is looking forward to the interaction the students are to receive and “will be inspired by a writer who is actively writing [and] publishing.” Additionally, although Leaf has not read the novel (but eagerly plans to), she can imagine the impact it will have on her students. “As I teach both African American Literature and Native American Literature, I am eager to have students read something from a multicultural perspective.”

Cates has also authored X out of Wonderland and Hunger in America; titles which can be found at his website.

For more information about the reading, e-mail Linaya at or Timothy at


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