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David Cassidy wife divorce: 23-year marriage of David Cassidy ends

David Cassidy and his wife, Sue, back in 2002
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

David Cassidy's wife has filed for divorce. On Feb. 11, Mail Online reported that the couple has been living apart for the past four months and a divorce has been looming for quite some time. David Cassidy and his wife, Sue, have been married for 23 years -- together for 28. They have one child together, a son named Beau who is 23.

"'The Partridge Family' star is now in rehab following last month's arrest, but his now estranged wife has made no indication as to whether his battles with alcohol have anything to do with the split," reports Mail Online.

David Cassidy and his wife's divorce isn't surprising to those who knew them best. They have been together for a very long time and with David's alcohol problems, especially as of late, walking the road "together" has not been easy. While the two can no longer work on their marriage for whatever reasons, Sue says that this divorce is still very sad for her.

"This has been looming for some time. I am truly heartbroken that our marriage is ending," she said (via TMZ). Naturally no one wants to see their marriage come to an end or admit that they "failed" but sometimes divorce really is the best solution.

Though David Cassidy and his wife are getting a divorce, they will likely remain friends.

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