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David Bromstad exclusive interview

Designer David Bromstad

HGTV star and electrifying designer David Bromstad has teamed up with the eternally delicious Coffee-mate and designed new limited edition bottles for the brand's iconic French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors. How heavenly! You can get your hands on David's deliciously designed bottles at Target. And to celebrate the Bromstad bottle makeover, Coffee-mate is launching the mouthwatering "Get Inspired with Coffee-mate Sweepstakes.” Share a picture of your favorite coffee moment on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #CMinspires, and you're entered to win a painted canvas signed by Bromstad, a $500 Target® gift card, a limited edition print signed by David, and Coffee-Mate® creamer for a year. Keep the killer prizes coming, Coffee-mate!

Bromstad took a time out from Coffee-mate makeover madness to talk about his creative process, behind the scenes on HGTV "Flipping the Block," and how he catapulted from struggling artist to star designer.

MM: First question naturally is - are you a coffee drinker?

David Bromstad: I’m a coffee-holic. I was drinking Coffee-mate before they even came to me with this opportunity. When Coffee-mate approached me to design the bottles, and said “They’re only exclusive at Target.” I said “Coffee-mate and Target? Stop it. It’s a dream.”

MM: How do you like your coffee?

DB: I have to have the flavored creamers. I’m a mixologist. I mix French Vanilla and Hazelnut. My family knows this and picks a few bottles up ahead of time before I go home. I love to sit and talk and have a good moment with a cup of coffee with my family before breakfast.

MM: The Coffee-mate bottles look scrumptious. What was your design approach? Were there any challenges?

DB: This was a huge challenge. I’ve done packaging in art school, but design is so different with interiors. You can capture so many different moments because a room is so big. But with a bottle, you have to capture a moment in a second because it’s a small space. Nestle told me its story, everything on the bottle is iconic. The heart on the bottle is really about love, family, and togetherness! That was my inspiration. Whether it’s a show, art, or package – it’s all about the client’s story.

MM: You’re currently rocking it on HGTV’s “Flipping the Block.”

DB: I do all the online content, which I love. I get to ask questions that couldn’t be asked on TV. This competition is a social experiment. It’s a unique show and very different from anything on TV. Everyone has the possibility of making it. Felt their angst, pain, happiness. Felt it all! It was emotional for me. At one point, everyone on set was crying for one reason or another [laughs].

MM: Tears of hunger? The contestants look like they’re working like mad men.

DB: I went over there and they had steaks and burgers on the grill. They were not starving [laughs]. But their muscles were hurting!

MM: How hard is it not to pick up a paintbrush and hop in?

DB: As a designer and someone that likes getting my hands dirty, it’s hard. It’s a competition. I can’t give too much away. One thing I could do was offer encouraging words. I told the contestants that so many great opportunities can come out of this and gave them my story. I hope they can find inspiration from that.

MM: If you were competing in “Flipping the Block,” what HGTV star would you want to team up with?

DB: Josh Temple. We have good chemistry and we’re different. I could design everything and he could build it. He’s a work horse. And Scott [McGillivray] is cute and hot [laughs]. I got to run my fingers through his hair.

MM: Jealous! What’s Scott’s hair like?

DB: It’s a little sticky, but it’s still Scott’s hair [laughs].

MM: How do you keep your hair so awesome?

DB: Products. I use a clay to keep it in line but not look wet. I don’t like wet.

MM: What design tips can you give someone that wants a David Bromstad look on a budget?

DB: You can give a room flavor without a ton of money. Run to Target. Grab a throw, some pillows, and artwork that’s color coordinated. Stay away from beige and brown when doing accessories. Go bold. And that’ll change your room and make it pop.

MM: HGTV star. Genius designer. Coffee-mate king. What makes you so successful?

DB: First, success is a blessing. But I’m also myself and that’s relatable to people. I’m goofy, try to be funny [laughs], and honest to a fault. I’m not an actor. I’m not perfect. I don’t speak perfectly. Perfect is a fun for a night.

My dad always thought I was talented and creative, but he wanted me to be a teacher. It had security, benefits, and the summers off. Especially as an artist, if you’re working a job 60-70 hours a week, you don’t have the time to paint. I said “Dad, it’s an amazing job, but I want to be creative in a different way.” I was a starving artist until ‘Design Star.’ I did whatever I could. Worked for Disney painting furniture, which was in my arsenal then they said “Could you work with wood?” I said “Sure.” Then I called my dad and said “What am I going to do?” And he said “Get yourself a drill and some nails, son” [laughs]. I taught myself and I did whatever I could to survive and didn’t want to sell out. If you do what you love and you’re good at it, eventually when your dues are due, someone will discover it. It’s meant to be.

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