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David Brody: "God loves Bill Maher" (but he's still going to Hell)

David Brody
David Brody

On March 25, 2014, David Brody posted a column to CBN News also criticizing Bill Maher for making fun of the Biblical story of Noah.

To his credit, Brody attempts to disguise his column with the deceptive title: "God Loves Bill Maher".

The disguise, however, is paper thin, as he he too ultimately cannot think of any way to respond except to insist that Bill Maher is going to go to Hell:

Bill, first of all: God is God and that means He can do whatever he wants, anytime He wants, for any reason He wants. He doesn’t answer to Bill Maher or me or anybody.

Do I have all the answers when it comes to Noah and the ark? No. It’s called a miracle by God. God can suspend natural order to do whatever He wants even if Bill Maher can’t understand it. But if Bill wants some scientific proof, he can go to this really cool thing called “Google” and see it for himself.

Most scientists agree that there is ample evidence of a universal flood dating to Noah's time. Look it up, Bill. It's everywhere and many of the scientists are liberals! Those are your "peeps." Oh, and by the way 60 percent of people in America believe the story of Noah's ark is true. That puts you in the minority but at least that's a better place to be than hell.

Unfortunately, that's the location you're heading unless you repent and give your life over to Jesus. He LOVES you Bill, He loves me, you and every person reading this article right now.

Much like his American Taliban colleague Ken Ham, Brody evidently does not see the irony of God demonstrating his love for someone by casting them into Hell.

There also, by the way, are no scientists who have stated that there is any evidence whatsoever of a "universal flood" ever having occurred. The only thing even remotely close to such is a suggestion by some historians that the story may have been inspired by a localized event.

There's that pesky reality getting in the way again.

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