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David Bovard: Forecasting the "whether" of the Denver real estate market's David Bovard (l) and Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy in the 710 KNUS AM studio where Business Unconventional is taped.'s David Bovard (l) and Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy in the 710 KNUS AM studio where Business Unconventional is taped.
Avital Rotbart, Business Unconventional

One of the few things in Colorado that changes as rapidly as the weather is the local residential real estate market. Sizzling one month. Bone-chilling the next.

Forecasting home sales and prices is crucial for many small business owners, for whom the question is frequently "whether" to buy, sell, invest or hold based upon the buoyancy of residential properties. This is true not just for real estate-related businesses, but for retailers, landscapers, interior designers, plumbers, roofers and so many other entrepreneurs whose livelihoods are tied to home sales and the economy.

Enter "whether-man" extraordinaire David Bovard, a local real estate expert, who has been helping Coloradans successfully scout the ever-changing residential marketplace for nearly three decades.

Bovard will be the guest on the Sunday, July 7th edition of Business Unconventional, the weekly one-hour small business radio magazine airing from 8 am to 9 am on 710 KNUS AM in Denver, and streamed at

[Hear or download his interview now: Part One and Part Two]

Bovard, owner of Scholarship Real Estate and, reports that in the past several months the greater-Denver home sales market has been very sunny, with few clouds. However, he cautions that rising interest rates could put a quick damper on the market.

"The window of opportunity may be closing," Bovard tells Business Unconventional. "Whether you intend to buy or sell, now is an opportune time to act."

Lately, Bovard says, the real estate market has favored sellers, with many homes receiving a dozen or more offers on their very first day of listing. Moreover the most desirable homes are selling above their asking prices.

Bovard advises would-be buyers to identify homes that need some paint and repairs and thus - while still a good investment - may not be subject to as much bidding competition.

Bovard is also keen on stand-alone homes that are located within easy walking distance of the Regional Transportation District's expanding network of light rail lines and stations. These properties, many of which are listed at Bovard's, sell quickly, appreciate in value, and are in great demand from buyers who appreciate the convenience and cost-savings associated with nearby public transportation.

In April, Bovard participated in a special edition of Business Unconventional that explored the economic impact of the new RTD West Line. Also featured on that program were Lorraine Anderson, RTD Board Chairwoman; Bob Murphy, Mayor of Lakewood; Christa Lee, a co-owner of the Union Salon; and Donald Rosier, Chairman of the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners. That program is available to stream or download here.

Bovard is a regular guest expert on Business Unconventional, as well as a sponsor of the program's ongoing Small Business Drives Colorado™ initiative, which spotlights and honors the contributions of entrepreneurs to the state's economy and quality of life. The campaign's other sponsors include Mountain States Toyota, 710 KNUS AM,, Signal Butte Financial Corp., Centennial Gun Club, eagle:xm, and LoomView Enterprises.

Business Unconventional is co-hosted by David Biondo, a wealth management expert and authorized Bank on Yourself advisor, and by Dean Rotbart, a veteran financial journalist.


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