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David Beckham shirtless in 2014 Super Bowl Ad? Star looks sexy in H&M Bodywear

The 2014 Super Bowl commercials just got sexy! David Beckham and H&M are once again teaming up for a look at what to wear. The question that David Beckham hopes fans will answer is to cover up or not to cover up. According to Huffington Post on Thursday, the athlete’s chiseled abs and tattoos can be seen in the commercials by the viewers.

The 2014 Super Bowl commercial is a 30-second spot for David Beckham Bodywear, but the husband of Victoria Beckham filmed two endings for fans to decide which version is the best. Offering style and a sexy look, the star will catch the viewer’s attention as they consider the options.

This year the commercial is different than last year. Remember last year when David Beckham was running in Hollywood in his underwear? Well at least in 2014 the star has remembered that the fans love looking at his body, even if he isn’t running the streets.

So, should David Beckham cover up or not to cover up during the Super Bowl commercial? That is the question H&M and David Beckham want fans to answer and beginning Jan. 27, fans will be able to cast their votes with the winning spot airing during the second quarter.

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