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David Barton: More Christians martyred in 2013 than previous 2000 years combined

Professional big fat liar David Barton
Professional big fat liar David Barton

During the March 10th, 2014 broadcast of "WallBuilders Live," David Barton, already highly notorious for being a big fat liar, topped the sheer irresponsibility and insanity of all of his other ridiculous claims and conspiracy theories combined:

There were more Christians martyred for Jesus Christ last year than in the previous two thousand years combined. Just last year.

"It's hard to imagine," Barton's co-host, Rick Green, responded.

And the reason it's hard to imagine is because it's the biggest lie of David Barton's entire career.

A study by Open Doors released earlier this year reported that there were 2,123 such "martyr" killings of Christians, "with Syria accounting for more than the whole global total in 2012, according to an annual survey."

Again, the number of killings that David Barton claims is bigger than that of the last two thousand years is 2,123.

For Barton's estimates to be correct, there could have been no more than 1.0615 killings every year for the last two thousand years.

What are the odds that this could possibly be true?

Barton has long exploited his audiences' willingness to swallow whatever swill he peddles to them, but this is pushing his usual facts-free lunacy to the extreme.

The most logical explanation would be to call this a power trip. This is David Barton testing just how blatantly he can lie to his audience and still have them continue to fall for it.

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