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David Barton: concerns Obama may grant himself a 3rd term proof of lawlessness

David Barton
David Barton

During the February 27th, 2014 WallBuilders Live program, David Barton responded to a question from a listener asking if he thought that President Obama might declare a state of emergency so that he could cancel the 2016 elections and serve a third term in office.

Barton freely admitted that there is nothing to suggest that Obama might actually do such a thing, but insisted that the fact that people are actually asking these questions is proof enough that Obama is "lawless."

"It's interesting that this is the question that is asked by people when they find their presidents to be lawless," Barton declared. "If you have a president who is not lawless, you don't ask the question. You know that Ronald Reagan is not going to do a third term; he followed the Constitution. You know that George Bush, you may not like all that he did but he stayed with the Constitution in a very public way.

"Nobody debated that he was going to change the Constitution for himself, for his own benefit. The fact that you have this question indicates something of the nature of the presidents with whom you're dealing ... Asking the question is the character of the leader who is in office at the time."

This is grasping at straws to the extreme.

People have also suggested that the 1969 moon landing was faked, that snake-headed aliens are giving people syphilis disguised as vaccines, that the 2nd Amendment entitles people to own tanks and fighter jets, and that Jesus Christ was a velociraptor.

The fact that a single nimrod thinks something might be true should never be taken as absolute proof, and David Barton should be absolutely ashamed of himself for stooping to that level.

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