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David Arquette sober: Actor speaks out that he is not sober right now

David Arquette
Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images

David Arquette has really appeared to have his life together the last few years, but he is now speaking out and saying that he is not sober. On Friday, Radar Online shared that he has been drinking even though he has a new baby at home. He has been to rehab before and everyone really did think that he was sober.

He spoke out about it and said, "I’m not sober. It’s very hard to [work in the nightlife field and stay sober]. That’s probably why I’m not sober." Arquette didn't stop there. He went on and said, "It’s hard. If you want to be sober in nightlife, good luck! Go to a lot of [AA] meetings."

Back in 2013, news came out that David was sober but then fell off the wagon. It was in 2011 that he needed to go to rehab. Things got really bad when he was out at a club and smashed his nose on the ground while trying to do a dance called the worm. It was obvious at the time that he needed help.

David Arquette has two children and a new fiance. His son is only four-months-old. It looks like he is handling his situation right now and things are okay for him. The fact that he isn't sober does worry fans though. This actor has been known to get into trouble in the past so hopefully he can keep his act together this time.

As of right now, David is not admitting that he needs to head back to rehab or anything. He is simply speaking out and saying that with all of the work he is doing in night clubs right now that he is not sober anymore. Hopefully things continue to go well for him and his new baby boy Charlie West.

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