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'David and Goliath' movie to star an unknown actor

Goliath and David.....major shock for the giant.
Goliath and David.....major shock for the giant.

While the titanic fight between David and Goliath was one of the most famous one-on-one confrontations in the history of the universe, an unknown actor has been selected to play the lead role, according to an article today, Saturday, July 11 in the Christian Post. Director Tim Chey has $50 million to spend on the epic project so he wanted to be certain he found the right actor for the role of David.

Chey, a former atheist who found Christ after reading a Gideon's Bible in Manila, said he is shooting this film with the intent it be on the same grand scale that "Lawrence of Arabia" was produced. Filmed in Morocco, Chey said he wants to be sure the movie is "biblically correct in every way."

Miles Sloman, 22, emerged from the fierce competition involving 4,000 auditions in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto to win the coveted role of David. Sloman is a resident of London, according to Charisma News.

On his Twitter page Sloman describes himself as a Cornish immigrant now living in London.

The director said, "I knew instantly he was the one. This was the young King David who could defeat the giant warrior. He showed a lot of courage even falling off the donkey on the set when the helicopter came too close."

Chey said he built the movie so that people "will stop being lukewarm and make a stand for God."

He is a true believer, and defended many Christian movies which have come before, saying, "To get super-talented filmmakers who passionately love the Lord is a rare commodity. And to get super-talented filmmakers, who passionately love the Lord, and can raise millions of dollars, is next to impossible. This why Christian films are looked down upon. However, even if a small cheesy film can win just one person to Christ, then let's be careful not to mock it like so many cruel Christians do."

The road has not always been easy for Chey. He said he reached a point of frustration in 2012 when he was discouraged about continuing to do Christian films. He said he faced a whole host of enemies including a skeptical secular media, online piracy saboteurs and even fellow Christians who were jealous.

Chey recalled that thousands of people were coming to Christ as a result of his movies despite the ridicule from many fellow Christians. He wonders now whey he let their criticism bother him.

Within a few months of that low point he raised millions of dollars and made the $20 million movie "Carry Me Home" on the early life of John Newton. Newton wrote the classic hymn "Amazing Grace". Newton was involved in the slavetrading business before he came to know Christ and turned his life around.

Now Chey is looking at a 2015 release date for "David and Goliaith". The movie is based on the biblical story of the battle betweeen the giant Philistine warrior Goliath and David, the future king of Israel. At a reputed nine feet tall, Goliath was expected to destroy the shepherd boy David who through God's strength pulled off one of the greatest upsets in human history.

Chey has directed nd produced nine feature films, including "Suing the Devil" and "Genius Club", starring Stephen Baldwin.

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