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David A. Epstein Speaks on Being a Part of the Third Parties in America

Writer David A. Epstein
Writer David A. Epstein
jodi emmer

Speaking publicly about the tremendous success of his book, Author, Public Speaker and Simon’s Rock of Bard Alum, David A. Epstein gave quite an interesting speech and summary of his book, “Left, Right Out: The History of Third Parties in America” published in May 2012.

The book is written about being a non-Democrat and non-Republican in today’s politics as well as the history of being a part of an Independent party. As summarized by Amazon:

Left, Right, Out is the untold story of American political history. Exploring American history from its founding, David A. Epstein presents the phenomena that shaped the nation and its politics through the prism of third party politics. Whether short-lived or longer-lasting, each party examined in Left, Right, Out represents a unique and acute expression of the great social, economic, and political forces that influenced the evolution of the United States. Left, Right, Out reveals how much that we take for granted in American politics and society finds its origins in third party politics. Monumental movements such as Abolition, Prohibition, and Civil Rights, long associated with major party politics, originated in the efforts of pioneering third parties and their adherents. Left, Right, Out takes you into the remote corners of U.S. history and explores the forces and personalities forgotten in a standard reading of American political history.”

David spoke at a Book series that Simon’s Rock of Bard is offering to its Alumni. He spoke in Washington D.C at Busboys and Poets bookstore on 14th Ave NW Washington D.C. The new college Alumni representative, Rich Montone developed the alumni series since the college is known for its overachieving clientele who possibly write more books than any other college alumni for its size.

Simon’s Rock of Bard College is also known as the early college, students can start taking college credits at the school when they are just sophomores in High School. It has an unusually bright and intellectual and artistic student base that make the school a landmark in its approach to teaching very young and gifted children. The school is located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.