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Davenport University grad student flips and falls video goes viral

Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan-Davenport University. Celebrating graduation after all of the hard work. Commencement ceremonies are meant to recognize each individual and their accomplishments. Projects, stress, the crunchiness of study burnout and deadlines have all been met and are finally over. Invitations to the ceremony are sent.

Graduation ceremony at Davenport University Robert Jeffery Blank

Emotions run high

It's healthy. We’ve all been there happy as can be to get that diploma in hand at graduation. We want to jump or throw the tasseled hat in the air, but not many take the time to do a front flip at the ceremony, afterwards.

The thrill of the victory is real, timeless speeches and heartfelt good byes

The fail-the wipeout is embarrassing. It’s not uncommon to see both the serious and joyous commencement ceremonies at universities taking on the victory dance. Robert Jeffery Blank attempts a face dive onto the floor after doing an amazing backflip right on stage.

Injuries, Blank quickly gets up and walks right off the stage. His ego maybe, no bodily injuries have been reported. The Davenport University’s film crew caught the whole thing and the video is making the rounds.

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