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Dave Ross…World Champion of Public Speaking

World Champion of Public Speaking
World Champion of Public Speaking
Dave Ross

When he walks into the room, you notice the air of confidence that radiates from him. He has an impact before he even says a word. His suit is designer, and he wears it well on his fit and toned physique. He looks you in the eye and a warm smile spreads across his face. You know you are in the presence of greatness; you have just been in the company of Dave Ross, the The World Champion of Public Speaking.”

Dave won the championship in 1991, but what happens to a world champion twenty-three years later? Dave is a man with the aura of authority, charisma, and poise. He continues to give speeches, presentations, and training sessions. If you are fortunate enough to attend an event at which he is speaking or training you will be spell-bound. You will find yourself hanging onto every word he says, entertained by his style, and motivated when you leave.

Dave shows his genuine character by his attitude about his achievements. Every time he gives a speech he explains the true stars are the ones who clean the room, set up the sound equipment, and make it possible for him to deliver his message. Dave started to study speech while he attended the John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento, California. Dave has a Bachelors Degree from the United States Air Force Academy, and a Masters Degree from Oklahoma City University. He is a proud member of Toastmasters International. Dave was reared by a single mom in a family that valued education. Dave’s master’s degree is in liberal arts, and both his parents achieved their masters.

He is helping people discover their potential greatness. He is a life coach and owner of DMR Consulting. His tag line is, It Takes Many Fibers to Weave SUCCCESS. When he won the designation of World Champion, his winning speech was titled, “The Train’s Still Rollin.” The important message from his speech and the message he continues to hold dear is that we should think of success as a limitless opportunity available to all of us. Today when Dave speaks, if he can touch just one life, then what he is doing has value, and that is the real prize. As a life coach, Dave helps his clients believe in their potential.

Dave entered the contest for three reasons:

#1…He was competitive

#2…He knew he could

#3...He had a message of value he wanted to share

To teach you and support you in reaching your potential, Dave will help you find the competitive spirit within you; he will guide you to have more self-confidence; he will lead your thought process to believe you can do anything you desire; and he will coach you to succeed at life. He helps people discover, set, and achieve their goals. For more information go to

Dave has a dream for the future, and he is working on it now. He is going to craft public speaking into an art form. He dreams that someday the artistry of an exceptional speech will be as honored as a masterpiece of art work, or as lauded as a great piece of music. He has started this quest by forming a new club called Words and Notes. If you would like to be part of turning public speaking into one of the major arts, Words and Notes will be having their first show on May 24th, 2014 at Full Circle Books. The store is located at 50 Penn Place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The show is free and will begin at 3 PM. If you would like more information, email Mr. Ross at

Dave is also working on a book. The book will be a field guide to public speaking, and be geared toward trainers, and facilitators. The book is tentatively scheduled to be finished and released by January of 2015.

Dave’s words of wisdom are, “Speeches that are good but don’t make it to great are memories not connected.”

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