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Dave Rexroth, meteorologist injured by fireworks, loses vision in one eye

Dave Rexroth, chief meteorologist for WXZY, was injured by fireworks
Dave Rexroth, chief meteorologist for WXZY, was injured by fireworks
Photo via Dave Rexroth's Facebook page

Dave Rexroth, a meteorologist hurt in a fireworks accident, has lost vision in his left eye. The WXYZ chief meteorologist is currently hospitalized and will be having surgery in the coming days. The Des Moines Register shared the details on Monday.

Rexroth, 48, was on vacation with his family in Iowa City when the incident occurred on the Fourth of July. The station has indicated that he will receive a prosthetic eye and hopefully he will recover by September. The station has also said that they hope he has a speedy recovery and they are optimistic that he can return in September.

The Detroit News notes that Iowa City officers were called regarding an incident with a person who had possible burns from fireworks a bit after 10 p.m. on the Fourth of July. Medical personnel responded to a private driveway, and Rexroth was rushed to the hospital. Few other details regarding just what happened have been released at this point.

At this time it seems unclear whether this was something that happened to Rexroth as a bystander at a public fireworks show, or if he was personally lighting off fireworks. From the details that have emerged, it does sound as if it was likely a private incident that went awry. It would seem likely that more information will come out in the coming days.

Either way, fans are flooding to the WXYZ pages to lend their support to Dave Rexroth. He has clearly made an impact on the community and the network's viewers, and everybody hopes he can recover well and be back to work soon.