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Dave Madden (1931-2014) Farwell Mr.Kincaid

Dave Madden (1931-2014) Farwell Mr.Kincaid
Dave Madden (1931-2014) Farwell Mr.Kincaid

Dave Madden would be born in Ontario,Canada in 1931. He would later be sent to Indiana to live with relatives when his father passed away and his mom's job kept her on the road. He would be get hurt during his teens and was immobilized for awhile. He would take up magic and when he enlisted in the U.S.Air Force he would be in the special service and would travel the world. He once did a magic act for the King of Libya.

When his enlistment was over he headed to the University of Miami and received a degree in communications. He would travel the stand up circuit and would later head to Los Angeles and would start to get himself on to TV.

He would spend some time on Rowan and Martin's Laugh In. He would gain much of his fame for staring as Reuben Kincaid on "The Partridge Family" as the bands manager. He would have many TV and TV Movie roles but he would make the big screen for his work in 'Eat My Dust'.

Though he would never become a household name for his work. You would always see him appearing on TV shows as a guest that week or as a character for a short time. He would not become a rich man for his television or movie work but he would enjoy a wide variety of characters that will always leave us with a little more humor in our lives than we would have if he had not been around.

Dave Madden was great for his work on "The Partridge Family: but on a personal note I always enjoyed his humor on the Rowan and Martin's Laugh In. Rest In Peace Dave Madden.