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Dave Good and Natalie Getz win 'Bachelor Pad' and split the $250,000

Natalie and Dave can now afford to visit each other, if they feel like it.
Natalie and Dave can now afford to visit each other, if they feel like it.
ABC screenshot

David Good, 28, of Dayton, Ohio, and Natalie Getz, 28, of Hollywood, California, are the co-winners of "Bachelor Pad" season 1 on ABC.

They will split the $250,000 prize, leaving with $125,000 each and a long-distance relationship based on friendship that may or may not develop into something more.

According to Spoiler King Reality Steve, Dave left the "Bachelor Pad" finale/reunion with booted contestant Jessie Sulidis, whom Dave had hooked up with on the show before Natalie.

Like the juries on "Survivor," the booted contestants were able to choose which couple they wanted in the finals. The contestants chose Dave and Natalie over Tenley Molzahn, 26, of Huntington Beach, California, and Kiptyn Locke, 32, of Encinitas, California, who are still dating after the show and everyone expects to get married.

Michelle Kujawa told Tenley openly that she did not have her vote after starting a rumor that Michelle had hooked up with Craig McKinnon.

Gwen Gioia called out Dave for a comment she overheard in the house where Dave said people in their 30s shouldn't be on the show. Dave said he feels, personally, that people in their late 30s (like Gwen, who is 39) shouldn't be on a dating show. Gwen said she had come on the show for the money, not a relationship.

Earlier in the two-hour finale, the final "super six" contestants had a ballroom dance competition as their last challenge. "Dancing with the Stars" pro choreographers Chelsie Hightower, Louis van Amstel and Edyta Sliwinska worked with the couples on their dances.

Former Bachelor/Bachelorette and DWTS contestants Jake Pavelka, Melissa Rycroft and Trista Sutter judged the dances.

Tenley and Kiptyn were declared the winners and they decided to eliminate Elizabeth Kitt and Jesse Kovacs, choosing to enter the finale with Dave and Natalie.

The finale was taped last Wednesday in front of a studio audience.

After the eliminated contestants chose Dave and Natalie as the final two, Dave and Natalie were told to go into separate deliberation rooms to decide what they wanted to do with the money.

Chris Harrison said they would be given panels to bring out and reveal their answers. They could choose "share" to share the money with their partner. Or they could choose "keep" to keep the money. If one chose "share" and the other "keep," the person who chose "keep" would keep the money. But if they both chose "keep" the money would then go to the eliminated contestants.

Dave revealed his choice first: He picked share. At that point Natalie wanted to say something. The audience groaned and the eliminated castmates looked shocked, expecting that Natalie was going to say that she chose "keep."

Natalie: "I think that we all said 'Get your friends as far as you can get your friends and the only time to be selfish is when you get your friends as far you can get them.'"

Then she turned her panel around and told Dave “So I’m gonna share with ya!”

And then, inexplicably, Wes Hayden broke out his guitar in front of everyone and played “Love Don’t Come Easy." Again.

Read my full stream of consciousness recap commentary here. Gotta say, I'm glad Tenley and Kiptyn did not win.


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