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Dave Daubenmire proposes banning & criminalizing pornography

In a video posted to his News With Views Youtube channel on Feb. 2nd, 2014, bullying enthusiast Dave Daubenmire describes an incident in which he was browsing the Internet and got a pop-up advertising a lewd website.

Dave Daubenmire
News With Views

"The temptation to click on that thing and have some pornography come before my eyes was very very strong," he states. "I don't care who you are, that's one of the greatest temptations in all of society: It's pornography."

Naturally, the solution to this self-proclaimed Christian's problem is deceptively simple: America needs to ban and criminalize all pornography immediately.

"This may seem really radical to you, but we seem to be rational people here in America," Daubenmire asserts. "We want to ban guns, we want to ban drunk driving, we want to ban all kinds of things in America. I believe it's time for us to once again ban pornography."

First, and most obviously, Daubenmire is completely wrong when he said "we want to ban guns." The fact that Congress can't even pass a universal background checks bill should attest to that.

More critically, the problem is, once again, that Dave Daubenmire is personally unable to resist the temptation to look at pornography, which is something millions of Americans do every single day while millions more do without allowing themselves to be affected by it.

Effectively, what Daubenmire is insisting is that, instead of recognizing his own weaknesses and trying to better himself, it's all the government's fault for allowing that kind of temptation to exist in the first place.

For someone who once called on President Obama to admit that he is a socialist Muslim (and that he is gay), Daubenmire is sure quick to advocate in favor of fundamentalist totalitarianism.

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