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Dave and Busters leaves us lost in the midway

The other night, I took a friend with me for happy hour at Dave and Busters. We stopped into the back midway bar to have a drink and watch all the people playing games, to find that we were the only people at that bar.
After waiting for a couple of minutes with nobody noticing us, finally we gave our drink order to a bar backer who was “unable to make the drinks himself, but would pass the order along”. Ok. The drinks came, and we enjoyed them, but the bartender never came back to check on us, or to see if we wanted another round. After waiting for quite some time, I finally had to flag down a different bartender in the room, and ask for our tab. Now, as I remember, the drinks we ordered were previously part of the happy hour specials, but clearly from our bill, they were no longer. It would have been nice if the bartender had explained the limited happy hour specials when we originally came in. But that would have required a bartender greeting to begin with.
It seems to me that with an empty bar, and the happy hour at hand, a bartender would be able to one, serve us, and two, explain the happy hour specials. Perhaps Dave and Busters is slipping in customer service in a time where bartenders need to be even more on their toes to earn those precious tips.

Those bartenders should check out my list of things that irritate your bar guests.


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