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DAV remembers vets year around

Memorial Day is great, but vets should be honored year around!
Disabled American Veterans

Yesterday was Memorial Day. It seems to many of us quite tragic that the federal government sets aside a whole minute to pay tribute to the men and women who have given their lives for ours – so that we can live in freedom. At least many of the news stations bore witness for many hours the testaments of the giving individuals that are willing to sacrifice themselves for the general good.

One organization that is bent on keep the Memorial Day spirit alive all year round is the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) group. Not only does the group pay a fitting tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for freedom on Memorial Day, but they try to uphold this same promise all year around. For them it is personal because many of them are actual veterans that fought in the wars the United States has been involved in.

Whether the veterans have fought in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam or Afghanistan, they all have one thing in common. Many of them volunteered to fight. All of them sacrificed so that the general populous would be free of the hazards that they had to face.

For the men and women that did not lose their lives, they may have lost limbs or were cursed with traumatic brain injuries. Altogether a great many of them have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). DAV helps each one.

The scars run deeper than the surface for those that have lost friends or loved ones to the wars. Scars can be internal, too. Scars can be painful.

The Disabled American Veterans organization refuses to focus on the pain and the scarring. They focus on strength and tenacity. They hope that through their service to fellow veterans that they can keep the spirit of Memorial Day alive all year around.

For every person that sees it in their heart to contribute to organizations like DAV, the spirit grows. It helps disabled veterans realize that their service meant something. Donations allow new veterans to be invited in for respite, help and the life-changing fellowship of other DAV members.

The contributions the general public makes allows for services to be administered free of charge to veterans and their families for it is not only the person serving, but their entire family that pays. Even small contributions help reframe lives!

If you are considering helping to keep the Memorial Day spirit alive the same as DAV, consider contributing to DAV. They will see to it that your contribution goes a long way in helping disabled veterans and their families get on to a better future for all of the sacrifices that they have made for us!

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