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Daunting 'Skywind' video shows progress of converting 'Morrowind' to 'Skyrim'

The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project posted a new video Friday showing the progress that has been made on their total conversion mod for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, “Skywind” for the PC. The project is attempting to bring the entirety of “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind” into the “Skyrim” engine with some significant enhancements to the audio, visuals and gameplay.

This is the second video in the “Skywind” developer diary series and serves as both a status update and a call for additional contributors to help with the massive undertaking. “Morrowind” was originally released in 2002 and there have been dramatic changes in terms of what is expected out of an “Elder Scrolls” game since. For example, there was no recorded dialogue in the original game meaning there are now thousands of lines that need to be recorded by voice actors.

Another change is how crafting is handled since it was not in the original version of “Morrowind”. The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project now requires players to find recipes in order to learn how to craft in-game items versus just upgrading a perk. These recipes can be picked up through quests, exploration, bought or stolen. Additionally, “Skywind” has added a whole new line of crafting in the form of Tailoring to allow players to create and dye various articles of clothing.

Dozens of volunteer composers are also contributing to the “Skywind” project with their own original pieces of music that fit in with the “Morrowind” theme. More than two hours of music has been created for the mod so far and you can preview each piece at SoundCloud.

The leaders behind the project are currently looking for 3D artists to help recreate every aspect of “Morrowind” including creatures, armor, weapons, buildings, environmental objects, furniture and more. This is described the most ambitious part of the project but there is still help needed for all aspects including concept art, voice acting, music, landscaping and level design. Those interested in helping should visit the official “Skywind” development forums.

The “Skywind” mod for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is currently in an alpha state and is not ready for public consumption. A release date for the beta has not been announced.

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