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Daughter desperately searches for her spirit seeking father

Woman desperately searches for her father
Woman desperately searches for her father
Ross-shire Journal

A woman in Belgium is on the hunt to find her father whom she hasn't seen since she was a kid. She is getting married soon and wants her dad to walk her down the aisle, the Ross-shire Journal reported today.

Nikky Dijkslag hasn't seen her father John Dijkslag since she was a young child. Dijkslag is a Dutch-born astronomer and physicist and has been missing for over 15 years. The 57-year-old left his family in the Netherlands in 1998 and moved to Scotland.

Dijkslag's friend Gabriele John is also searching for him. The German woman has been searching for her friend for years but so far has been unable to find him. John found a lead on a Scotland haunted places website and learned that Dijkslag is also a paranormal investigator and his last known whereabouts were traced to a paranormal investigation at the Tulloch Castle in Dingwall.

According to John, Dijkslag's daughter Nikki recently had a heart attack and is in the hospital recovering from it. The only thing on her mind right now is to locate her father.

“His daughter wants to get married but wants her dad to guide her to the altar, and I feel she is waiting for her daddy before she gets married. His three grandchildren also miss their grandpa desperately. He has three wonderful grandsons who still don’t know him," John said.

John says she last saw Dijkslag in Scotland in 2003 and they kept in touch until 2005 but she since has lost contact. John has spent the last nine years looking for him. She believes that he is still in Scotland because it is perfect for stargazers and it is Dijkslag's favorite country.

“For Nikky it has been all too stressful and since her heart attack I have decided to do what I can to find him as his daughter is waiting for him,” John said.

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