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Dating via the internet

photo by Brittany Bowling

Meeting the love of your life so you can start living is a common theme for dating via internet. The days when an appropriate exchange of livestock between families meant a marriage are long gone. Modern couples can find choosing that special someone to be a daunting task and new ways to meet and get to know one another just mean our instincts are that much farther from our reality. and both offer the occasional opportunity to communicate for free for a limited time . These websites offer lonely people the chance to meet compatible matches based on a series of questions about your own likes, dislikes and habits.

Can you meet the love of your life over a weekend?

The short answer is no. Free communication weekends are limited in order to prevent any exchange of personal information. asks members to report anyone attempting to communicate outside the built in communication tools they have set., on the other hand, allows users to share information when they are comfortable but require members to pay before exchanging any genuine contact.

Photos are available on without a paid membership at all times, only allows paid members to view photos even on free communication weekends. Both sites make it difficult to get together in the real world, at least at first, and users are given a warning that meeting over the internet can lead to heightened feelings of intimacy before sending out email.

One of the main goals listed on is to have the first date feel like a second date. The communication process is very slow with the feel of tagging your grade school crush. The first step is simply clicking a button to announce interest. There is no breaking of ranks either, all contact follows the four step program set by the administration. claims to only show highly compatible matches. Since every match will supposedly have the values you chose as important choosing between matches starts to feel incredibly petty. If every match is a good one the decision comes down to things like who was th biggest influence outside of parents or which match has the best physical features. Communication is a guided process but members can choose to skip steps at any point.

Madison locals can expect to receive six to ten matches per day. Take the time to decide as you are matched or a week of matches will overwhelm you very quickly. 

Both sites offer a chance to learn about yourself and a little self discovery can go a long way in finding the person who will be a good fit for the long haul. Feel free to get out and explore but don't hang your hopes of finding a soul mate on a few days of online dating. This is just a different method of meeting someone new and the more people you meet the better your chances of finding someone who will make you happy. 


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