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Dating Tips from Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann recently starred in The Other Woman. It is a comedy that has to do with cheating and anyone who likes comedies and have been cheated on before can relate to it.

Leslie Mann explains how she flirts is to lean over the table. Wear a low top and show him everything. Cameron Diaz states that she does not know how to flirt.

While Leslie Mann's advice may have worked for her and other woman in the past, it does not work for every woman. By wearing tight clothing and show him everything too early on, you are giving him the wrong signal. He might see that you are after one thing and feel that you do this with every guy. A guy who wants a relationship does not want a girl who sleeps around. He might also just go with you because of that and if you want a serious relationship you can just forget it.

Leslie Mann also shares one of her dating stories. It was about a guy on a motorcycle. She was riding the motorcycle with him. With every turn he made she was following his moves. They rode for awhile and then finally he dropped her off. When she got off the motorcycle he told her he was a vampire.

Cameron Diaz explains the way she dances when she is on the dance floor at a club. She says she starts dancing in all different directions.

Two Hollywood actresses explained about dating and flirting. The Other Woman is not available in theaters anymore but soon it should be on DVD. You can find it; On demand, Redbox or anywhere you can rent movies. It is a comedy so you will definitely be laughing and you may even relate to the characters in the movie yourself.

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