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Dating the Taurus Man

So you met a guy and he is a Taurus. If you believe in Astrology you have heard about the Taurus. If not well at least get to know these facts. Astrology is fun and some people may not believe in it but there are times when it is accurate. Here is what you need to know before dating the Taurus Man.

The Taurus is known as the bull. The bull meaning they are very stubborn. If they do not want to do something they will not do it. They could be greedy at times and they will think of themselves more than they think of you. Most of the time it is their way or the highway.

They are very negative. If you are happy about something they may not always be supportive. They will give you the negative side of the situation before the positive side. They always think of what could go wrong instead of what can go right.

If you are a giver and want something in return try a Virgo or a Cancer. Cancer is known to be the most romantic sign. So if you are looking for romance and someone who will be with you during the long haul then maybe you should look for a Cancer instead.

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