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Dating the Guy Who is Concited

In our society a lot of people go after looks and lust than what is that special guy/girls heart. Some girls go after guys who are really good looking. They are so good looking that all they do is care about themelf.

A guy who is concited is not a guy who is relationship material. He will have a million girls around him and will make you an option not a prioirity. He will give you an ultimatium and make you feel that if you do not do what he wants than he will leave.

A guy who is concited will not be the guy who will settle down. He does not know what relationships or love about. The only person he loves when it comes to a relationship is himelf.

If a guy is materialistic and takes a million selfies than he is not the guy who will stick around in the long run. In fact he will not stick around at all. He will see you as something temporary not permanent.

If you are looking for love try going for the nice guy instead. The nice guy will make you a priority and not an option. He will not give you the cold shoulder when he does not get what he wants. He will want a relationship and when he really loves you he will want to work things out because he wants the relationship with you to work. He will appreciate you and be there for thick and thin. He is also the guy that you know you could trust.

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