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Dating the dreamer & the achiever

Dating the dreamer or the achiever?
Dating the dreamer or the achiever?

Have you ever found yourself dating someone that you have so much interest in; only to find out they’re just a dreamer? What do you do? Can you handle it when they constantly live off by what they wish to be rather than achieving the dream? Is your time & money (if applicable) wasted on such a person?

Well; that all depends on YOU. When you’re dating a person whose only means of financial income is all the savings they have in the bank to pursue their dreams. This should be a warning signal. It is harsh to put a label on such relationships but is the truth. If the honesty is there between the two of you it’s up to the one who is financially & career set to make that decision.

All can be great as far as communication, common interests, laughter & possibly intimacy. Under certain circumstances some couples prepare for this when they’re already living together. One partner will pick up all the financial aspect of the relationship while the other finishes college or some type of trade. It can also be vice versa when the other is finished & earning that income doing what they set out to achieve in life.

Is this acceptable when you’re dating? Or should you cut your losses & run when you see a middle aged person trying to fulfill “a dream?” Don’t get me wrong having a dream for you is the most wonderful feeling in the world; achieving it; is a whole entire different experience. I personally would NEVER advise anyone to give up on their dreams. Only, to stay focused, work hard & make them a reality; whatever the dream is.

However when you’ve reached a certain age & have nothing set for yourself, single, alone & pinching every penny. You still haven’t set any kind of goals for yourself; you should take into consideration that it would not be fair of you to date someone who is already stable. Should the dating partner choose to be in a relationship with a dreamer then that person should never complain about always picking up the tab or how unfocused & tired they’ve become of that person and their dreams.

If you feel that you’re not able to be in such a relationship, get out while you can or don’t even begin. At the end of the day the only one that is going to lose will be you after giving so much of yourself to someone who will just be a dreamer.

Now; if the both of you are on the same page & you see progress from the person. Reaching the goals they’ve set for themselves in a timely manner. Going out there still trying to making ends meet, out on a daily hustle & still working to reach that dream of theirs; your answer is right there. You have been dating an achiever.

Never sell yourself short, never feel that there is no better for you, and never give up you & your dream to be happy. Simply make sure to understand & accept which one you choose to date; the achiever or a dreamer.

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