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Dating the Aquarius Man

Some people believe in astrology and others do not. When you date the same sign more than one time you may begin to see a pattern. If you are with or have feelings for an Aquarius and want to know more about him then read on:

Aquarius are the second sign in the zodiac chart. They are a water sign and like their space. So if you want to have someone around you 24/7 then this relationship might not work out. You may be better off with a Cancer who may cling to the one they are with.

They are very gentle and calm. If you are looking for someone calm who does not lose their temper than this guy is for you.

Aquarius guys are; caring, loving, loyal and helpful. He will go the extra mile for the girl he loves and as long as she doesn't pressure him he will be there for her in the long run.

Aquarius best match is a Gemini since both signs like their space. There are a lot of pluses about dating an Aquarius guy. He is sweet and as long as you give him his independence he will be there for you. He is gentle and caring and is definitely boyfriend material.

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