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Dating - Starting Over

How many times have you been absolutely positive you found 'the one' only to have it all come crashing down on you? If you are like most of us that number may be too many to count. But if we are really honest with ourselves, each experience taught us something. We have a clearer understanding of how we want to be treated and what is completely unacceptable.

Now it's all about starting over, a term some people dread while others take it as a challenge. Let's look at a few ways to get back in the saddle once you are ready to start dating again:

1. Dating sites have such popularity because they work! A huge chunk of the people you meet through a site may have never happened otherwise. You may both work a lot or not frequent the same places. A good dating site makes it possible to get back out there from the comfort and safety if your own home.

2. Blind dates work if you trust your friends and family enough. What doesn't work is letting someone play matchmaker that clearly does not know you enough to make the best choices of what you are looking for in a potential mate.

3. Speed Dating. Why not? Speed dating gives you the opportunity to meet several people in seconds. Think of it as previews of a real date with this person. Is there chemistry? Did you like the first impression?

4. Mixers. Several of the dating sites and even a few churches offer mixers with like minded individuals. It's a public setting, normally with some type of activities to break the ice. Some of the dating sites even offer participation in a mixer to non members!

What do you normally do to get back on the horse and start dating again?

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