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Dating someone at work


We spend half of our lives at work. Workplace dating is not a secret in society, even though it may be a secret at your place of business. We spend so much time with these people a relationship or two are bound to happen. How you handle these relationships that work and the ones that don’t is the tricky part.

Don’t tell everyone that you went on a date with “Chad from accounting”. You don’t want rumors to start nor have people know too much about your personal business. You know the 'office gossip' will get hold of that information and free run that car down the autobahn if given the chance. Besides, just because you went on one date, doesn’t mean either of you will want to go on another. Or maybe one of you do and had to turn a second date down. It would be awkward for office folk to ask how ‘it’s going’ when it’s not going anywhere.

Don’t let the cat out unless it’s serious, if it gets that far. For one, you don’t want to be known as the office serial dater, if you have been out with more than one co-worker, frankly it’s no one’s business. It can make for a sticky situation especially if one person is higher up on the corporate ladder than the other. It will create a whole new beast of rumors. Rumors can seriously damage a budding relationship if they get to the other person, true or not. This situation is where you need to let the person know with all honesty that you don’t want to see them anymore, if this is the case. End it cordially and as amicably as possible because you have to see this person in your building daily. Never talk badly about the person to your co-workers. You wouldn’t want them slaying you all over the building with people glaring at you, so give them the same respect.

Workplace dating is becoming more acceptable and surely you know at least one person who found a meaningful relationship or even marriage with someone they work with. It’s OK to date a co-worker, but be cautions and careful with how you go about it. Remain professional while on the clock, of course. No stealing away to the supply closet! Also, be smart about it. If you feel pressured to go on a date with a co-worker or if sexual harassment is involved, contact your company’s anonymous hotline or HR department and don’t feel obligated to date anyone you work with if you don’t want to.