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Dating rules and advice: 'Sixteen Candles' (part 4)

In the previous article, we discussed spring romance, memorable movie lines and advice. We looked at a scene from the film Sixteen Candles with the geek (Anthony Michael Hall) and Samantha (Molly Ringwald). It is also important to remember to be persistent and follow the old adage "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." The geek did not succeed at his first attempt of picking up Samantha on the bus, but he still believes he has a chance. In fact he is so sure of himself that he makes a bet with his friends that he will score with her.

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The night of their high school dance he changes his approach. He pulls out all the stops. Although he startles her at first, he uses a sexy, seductive voice when he speaks to her and gently licks his lips. He even follows some of the rules from Damone's 5 point plan (see article 1 of the series), such as acting like "wherever you are that's the place to be." The geek is dancing with Samantha and he euthusiastically shouts "this night is happening." He makes it seem as if the dance is the most exciting place to be. Although she seems rather upset about something he continues to try to woo her (Check out the clip).

Well, as they say everybody plays the fool at sometime or another. The main problem is that he does not realize she is about to cry and he believes she ran off because she cannot dance. He does not learn until later that she has a crush on someone else. Unless, you can read minds that type of information is only privy to those who actually engage in a conversation. Perhaps his technique is a bit aggressive, but it is better to take a gamble then to simply be afraid of the approach. This is a great film with many awkward pick up scenes, it definitely worth checking out.

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