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Dating rules and advice: 'Fast times at Ridgemont High' (part 2)

In part one we looked at, Damone's 5 point plan of rules when it comes to dating. As we learned in the film Fast times at Ridgemont High, it's not just about having a plan, but also the attitude to pull it off. Damone follows his 1st rule, not letting on how much he likes a girl, while concocting the right attitude to win her over. The attitude template also has about five steps to follow. (See clip. Strong language.)

Fast Times
Universal Studios
  1. When you enter a room and see a girl you're interested in, you don't just walk in, you move across the floor.
  2. It's important that you don't talk to the girl, simply use your face, use your body, use everything.
  3. If you send out this vibe, women will respond.
  4. Of course, if you send out a vibe to 30 million girls something is going to happen.
  5. The attitude dictates that you don't care what she does or what she thinks about you. Whatever happens your toes are still tapping and that's the attitude.

Another funny scene from a great film. Also, some good dating advice that still holds true today. Some people talk too much or say the wrong things, so sometimes the simplicity in body language and facial expressions work best.

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