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Falling in Love
Falling in Love
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For those of you who follow my blog on Dating and Relationships I thought I would let you know there are Happy Endings. In January, 2014 I blogged about John an Emotional Scammer that I had met through We dated, became engaged to marry in November of 2013, then all of a sudden he broke the engagement after a minor disagreement.

After posting our broken engagement on Facebook I was contacted by a woman who said it was good that we weren’t getting married because he was still married to her! We were curious about each other so we met and started comparing notes and stories he had told us both. We discovered that she was Wife #6 and I would be #7 had I been able to marry him. Now being married 6 times for a 62 year old man is not a crime, at least he wasn’t afraid of commitment . Unfortunately, he was a compulsive liar about most of the details of his life. We connected with Wife #5 who had been with him for 20 years before their divorce in 2012 and she told us the truth. Stories about his 2 children, purported grand -children, his ministry and many more were found to be unverifiable. He was still married to Wife # 6 ( for 3 months before they broke up) when we started dating and he would not sign their divorce papers. I found the divorce papers dated July, 2013 in September when looking for next of kin during a family disaster (according to him). I was going to wait a few days after his return to ask about them before he broke our engagement when he returned home from his family crisis.

The Great News is that Wife #6 finally got her divorce papers signed and divorce was finalized early December, 2013. It cost her a few thousand dollars but she was finally free of him. Her experience would have sent most women into a tail spin and not trusting men but she decided that John was a jerk and he wasn’t going to ruin her search for a sweet loving man.

Wife #6 met “R” online while waiting for her divorce to be finalized. “R” was a widower, sweet loving, kind, thoughtful and a little bit shy. They took it slow, their relationship building with time, sure they had a few differences but he proved to be everything a warm loving woman could want.

Wife #6 and “R” are now in love. Recently, they picked up her grandchild for a visit and everyone is happy. Last year when her grandchild came to visit was when John told her to leave, I guess he didn’t want to share her attention.
Sometimes it takes kissing a few frogs before you meet your Prince (Princess) but it is worth the wait. I am very HAPPY for Wife #6 and ”R”, they are an adorable couple and she has become a friend. “R” made it through meeting #6’s girlfriends with flying colors. He is a sweet man and I hope I can find someone special like him someday.

(To respect their privacy I did not use their names.)

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