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Dating Questions


It Seems Like Everyone Is Just Too Busy To Date, Are Guys Really Serious These Days About Finding The Right Person?

I am asked this question a lot. Men will come in and join the match making service I work for and pay an exorbitant amount of money for me to find them a wife, but then they don’t seem to have the time to really develop a relationship and in some cases even meet anyone at all. Their heart is in the right place, they really would like to have someone in their life, but oftentimes the men just like us ladies are working so darn hard and so many hours that it seems like chances are slim in being able to cultivate a real relationship. Many men who come to me own several companies and are flying all over the place doing business that dating gets put on the back burner. So, my answer to this is, yes, everyone wants to be with their soul mate, but unfortunately society and making a good living has preoccupied many of us with just that.
I also want to point out that if you are on a date with a man and you seem to be getting along great, but he mentions how busy he is and that he is not really interested in getting married or involved any time soon, it most likely means that he is not interested in you in a romantic way and that is his way out of committing to seeing you again or getting involved.
Also, cutting to the chase with a guy right up front is a huge turn-off. Women tend to obsess about marriage whether they are dating anyone or not. And when they meet a guy, they immediately go into the thought mode of; is he “the one?” Getting into a serious relationship is always on the forefront of their minds. When it comes to dating, take your time and see if this guy is worth a second, third or fourth date. See if you are even compatible before jumping ahead into a marriage-minded frenzy.

I’ve Had Three Dates With A guy And He Just Asked Me To Go To Vegas With Him For The Week-end. I’m Not Comfortable Sleeping With Him Yet. How Do I Handle The Room Situation?

My opinion is, don’t travel with a man unless you are going to sleep together. Even if he gets you your own room, it’s not worth the risk of feeling the pressure, being uncomfortable, arguing or him making you feel guilty for his expenditures without getting the bonus of sex. Tell him that you prefer to get to know him better before taking trips together.


  • ajk 5 years ago

    Marla, another great article with terrific insight. Thank-you for writing about these topics.

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