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Dating pressure can be stressful

So you are out there actively dating and you are getting tired of the games. So what can you do to relieve the stress of the dating scene? First of all, what is dating to you? For some, dating is just going out to have fun, for others it is the pursuit to find a spouse and for others it is simply to get sex. You need to decide where you are in your dating experience and then plan from there. If you are truly ready to settle down and get married then maybe you need to evaluate your dating habits. This will not only reduce stress but help you to find the right partner for you.

1) Where are you going when you go out?

Are you spending more time with your friends in large groups at the bars? Then here is what you are doing wrong. If you are in a group of 2 or more friends then the chances of a guy approaching you become even slimmer. Guys find it hard to approach a woman because of the fear of rejection. You need to separate yourself from your friends and be approachable. Second, DON'T hang out at a bar. Let's face it, the bars are for the 20 some odd year olds, not the 40+ year olds, so stop!

There are so many other places which are more appropriate for a 40+ single woman to go to find a man. One place that is rarely thought of is the grocery store around 8 or 9 pm on a Friday night. It is a virtual bounty of men! Head to your local sandwich shop during weekday lunch hour, don't go to the girly restaurants, you won't find single men sitting around in a restaurant unless there is a bar and then again, do you want someone who drinks like a fish?

Try going to a different church on Sunday. I know at my church unless you are 80 or under 25 the men are all married! So try something new, ask friends where they go and how many single men go there. I know there is one church in town that most of the single guys go too. Alas, I am no longer single but this is where I would advise my single friends to go.

Ask friends if they know any good single men, you never know who you just might meet!

Till next time, have fun, go someplace different and be open!


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