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Dating over the decades

Has dating really changed?
Eight years after the titanic sank, the roaring 20's evolved. Flappers and sexual liberation was born along with the foxtrot, the waltz and jazz music. Women of this era were considered the "new woman." Because of this liberation, dating several men at one time was considered normal. In this flapper era women became very independent, they drove cars and went to work. Flirting with men in this era was totally accepted and was considered very normal. The nightclubs would fill up with dance craved flappers that loved to wear caked on make up and smoke cigarettes while dancing provocatively. If you were dating in this day in age, chances are you were dating several men at one time and vice verse for the men. Women in this era were not monitored by their parents and in fact these teens back in the 20's would act like what we would call a "slut." Women acting and engaging sexual encounters was quite normal. Petting (necking) parties were also hosted and groups of people would gather and make out or neck. Women in the flapper era, did not want to live by old love beliefs and deviated tradition to become advocates for women to have rights!

The late 1930's proved to be the worst possible era for dating do the Great Depression. During this time frame, many men over the age of sixteen were off serving at war. If you were a single female in the 1930's whether you were widowed or divorced, you had no choice but to fend for your self! Male teenagers that remained behind often worked to help the contribute to the family. Young males that did date in this day of age, had to walk to his dates house and then they'd walk to a local pharmacy to enjoy a soda before heading to the ten cent movie theater. Double dates often took place as some females felt more comfortable being out with their girl friend. Many blind dates were double dates! Dances were often a form of cheap entertainment for couples dating in their teenage years. Fewer women became pregnant and quite often took on many other roles to make ends meet. Dating in the thirties although affected by war also re-created traditional dating etiquette where the boy asks girl. The whole flapper era seemed to just disappear!

Dating in the 1940's was the era of fun, love and romance! Love letters and poems written over the miles from previous years seem to take an affect on love. There was an increase of marriages and a baby boom was on. Most single women were employed and independent in this era. This was a time where singles ads became popular and were placed in local newspapers to meet men. But after a short while these ads were banned as con artists were taking advantage of single independent women. Local single dance events were also advertised in the newspaper. Dates included attending ball games, church dances or the movies. Since radio was so popular in most homes, often times you would do the jitter bug dance beside the radio with your date!

The 1950's took a different turn from its previous decade. Dating in the 50's for some men meant, dressing into a pant suit which was always accompanied with polished shoes. The men presented flowers and held doors for their date! You had to also get past meeting the parents before you could take your date out. Kissing on the first date during the 50's was frowned upon and you would never ask a man out either! Women knew they were going steady when they received their boyfriends school ring or sweater. Men in the 1950's were also known to make gifts for their gals, that's how you knew you were an item! Bowling alleys and sock hops were also popular places to take your date. Double dates and blind dates continued to be popular amongst the teenagers in the 50's. This generation has never heard of going dutch, the man always picks up and pays the tab!

By time 1960 rolled around the dating game changed again where it was not uncommon to date several people at a once. In this day of age dating several men was known as "pinning." Women again didn't want to sit around and wait for men to ask them out, so they started to pursue to men on their own; only this time the men were giving girls their coats as a display of going steady. Feminism was on the rise. A more free expression of love had happened in the 60's and that has seemed to carry on though to the 20th century.

1970 and beyond.
1970 took on many changes in the dating world. Music was never more alive. Teenagers in the 70's listened to rock, disco, punk rock, heavy metal, psychedelic rock, hip hop and so much more. Bell bottoms rocked the platform shoes! More and more teenagers were driving. In the later 70's roller skating was one of the best places to meet up with a date and this hot spot continued to be popular into the 80's for dates and to meet new friends. The movie theater for dates never seems to go out of style! Couples started to test the waters by moving in together instead of getting married right away. Women dating in the 70's let their hair down and since then women haven't really stopped letting their hair down.

Dating into the 80's, 90's and now, has evolved into cellular and online love encounters. Online video streaming has opened up a whole new concept to dating today in the 20th century. The computer now connects people with new love all over the world. Texting and sexting is how most new daters communicate. Gone are the days of being called on the phone and getting asked out. Petting parties is nothing new, the newer generations just added an empty bottle to spin to make it more fun!

So has the dating really changed over the decades?

The way we communicate has changed. How you meet people today vs 1920 differs with the aid of the computer. Some women today still flirt, dance and smoke like chimneys. Women still take out personal ads, only they do this online! Con artists are still taking advantage of women they meet on and off line. Dinner and a movie never seems to get old. Double dates still happen to this day right along with blind dates. The one thing that has changed in the dating world is that not every man will open your car door or bring you flowers on your first date. Of course this does happen for some but safe to say it does not happen as much as women would like!

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