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'Dating Naked' contestant sues after VH1 failed with blur

The new show "Dating Naked" on VH1 does show people totally naked, but they are supposed to blur a lot of stuff on the show. Most of the time they do a great job with it, but recently they messed up and one woman is so mad that she is filing a lawsuit over it. On Thursday, Fox News shared about this new lawsuit.

'Dating Naked' premiere
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Jessie Nizewitz, 28, was told that nothing would show if she did the show. Everything was supposed to be blurred, but that was not the case as they showed right between her legs while out on the beach during a date. She performed a wrestling move on her date and a lot more than planned ended up showing.

This woman is extremely upset over what happened. She didn't set out for the world to see everything. Now Jessie Nizewitz has filed a $10 million lawsuit over the fact that they missed blurring this shot. They should have done a better job of editing at VH1 and someone should have caught this mistake before it ended up on television. Jessie is very embarrassed that this was aired on television.

People shared that this shot was shown in July but the lawsuit information is just now coming out. Jessie said that everyone saw it and she started to get text messages right away after it all went down. She also thought a relationship might happen but the guy from the show never called her again. Instead she now has a huge lawsuit and maybe a big pay day if she can win it.

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