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'Dating Naked' cast member sues because she was shown a little too naked

Robert Burck 'Naked Cowboy' attends the 'Dated Naked' series premiere
Robert Burck 'Naked Cowboy' attends the 'Dated Naked' series premiere
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

New York model Jessie Nizewitz, who appeared on the VH1 reality show “Dating Naked,” is suing the network and Viacom the production company the created the show, for showing her a little too naked during an episode, Entertainment Weekly reported on Thursday. It appears that a brief flash of Nizewitz’s crotch was shown as she playfully wrestled with her date in a beach. She believes that she has been humiliated as the brief shot has been passed around on social media. Nizewitz stated that she was assured that her privates would be blurred out during the airing.

The premise of “Dating Naked” is that handsome couples are taken to a primitive island resort where they have a number of dates. The twist is that they are entirely naked throughout the experiment. The claim is made that this is a social experiment, finding out what happens when the barriers represented by clothing are removed. However one suspects that the fact that the show reveals good looking people in a state of undress for the edification of the viewing audience must have entered into it as well. It is a nicer version of the reality show “Naked and Afraid.”

The show has been criticized by some family groups for displaying nudity on basic cable, the idea being that young people are being exposed to this sort of thing. The show claims a remarkable success rate, with several couples staying together after appearing on the show and one planning marriage. Nizewitz is not that lucky. Her date has not called her since they appeared on the show.

While it may be a little bizarre to sue a company for showing one nude in a show called “Dating Naked,” Nizewitz may have a case. If she was promised that her naughty bits would be blurred and this was not done then the network and the production company failed to live up to a contract. It is unknown as of yet what kind of damages the model is demanding.