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Dating Multiple People Part 2

Women are undoubtedly more docile, giving and sacrificing than men in general. But there are men that find themselves giving all they have to a woman that just takes and takes and takes. It’s a hard thing to understand but most people are looking out for themselves. A friend said that he doesn’t talk to a lot of women because he is greedy. He does it because he wants to see what’s out there. There is nothing wrong with his approach to dating but it is selfish. He is making sure that he has options, while the women he is dating are all probably hoping for the same thing, to end up with him. There is no difference in what he is doing from what the tv shows, The Bachelor, For the Love of Ray J or A Real Chance at Love are doing. TV and society have given men this power to choose. The women on these shows feel like they have no control all they want to do is be chosen. It’s a mess. But it’s not just men, its women too that think they should have an entire flock of men to pick and choose from. When did polygamy become the norm?

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Dating multiple people is something you do until you find someone you have a connection with. It helps you not focus too much on one person. However after you have found a connection, it is time to let your bench warmers go. But most people keep their options open out of selfishness and lack of concern for others. The situation becomes even more complicated once sex enters the equation.

Is it possible to develop genuine feelings for someone while you are getting to know several other potential romantic partners? It’s like trying to have three or four full time jobs. Sure you can do it but how much effort are you putting in to each job? Probably just enough to get your paycheck. Trying to decide if the person you are dating is marriage potential should be taken very seriously. It’s not something you should do if you have several other distractions. You owe it to yourself and the person or persons you are seeing to give each of them a fair chance.

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  • Nelson M. Carroll 5 years ago

    I totally agree with you Ms. Dana, however this is what the world the come to. When I was single & while married a long time ago in my marriage, I looked at what’s most appeal to me at that time, as well as what each one had to bring to the table. Whether it is the looks, a body or even which one made me feel what I wanted the way I wanted it. I know that our values as a society are not what they use to be. Maybe it’s just me, but I know that without God in it, the loving, giving & respecting has never been as it can be with God in the plan…

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