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Dating Misadventures: Volume I

The mailman:

If the gentleman you see and chat with every single day at work gets your phone number, flirts with you but tells you he doesn't date, believe him. If he follows that up by saying the only girls that flirt with him want to date or hook up, please don't think he is being coy. He is saying he would rather see more of you(r skin) less of the time (not committing time to dating you).

The narcissist:

If this guy spends his first conversation on le telephono with you talking about whether or not he can imagine going on vacations with you or having a family, he is probably more in like with his idea of you (and in love with the idea of himself) more than the reality of you. If on your first date, he offers to pay & you pay the tip, but he thinks your tip is too much & subtracts some from his credit card signature slip, then, he is a turd burger. If two days later, he writes you a 10 page email explaining why he chose to pursue a relationship with someone else and laments for you the loss of his companionship, he is close to drowning in his own image. Don't let him take you down with him.

The mailman Part 2:

If you happen to work with Mr. Mailman a year after your texting courtship and sort of become friends but then maybe start text flirting again, don't expect a thing. You will not get what you want, even if I did...which was an apology. Most people don't get that. The most you'll get out of this flirtation is a fun story that you vaguely mention on the internet and a guy you call "The Mailman" that you never officially dated. He's a story you can tell and a lesson learned.


To be continued...

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