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Dating is one thing, a commitment is another

What type of relationship are you in?
What type of relationship are you in?
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Are you in a committed relationship?

Are you dating someone?

Is there a difference?

When two people are dating depending on what was discussed in the beginning, if anything, will determine what is meant by, "We're dating."

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In some cases when people say they are dating this means they are together but some see it as they are seeing each other casually. When it's casual it means individuals see the person but they also see other people as well. Some look at their situation as a, "Friend with benefits." To make it clear they spend time with and have sex with each other when the need arises. This arrangement works for many people.

A commitment is different.

A committed relationship is when two individuals have decided they want to see each other exclusively meaning they are the only two people involved in the relationship. Deciding to be in a committed relationship is a big step. What is says is that you are making an effort to be true to another person. This is not done by force but by choice.

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Clearly making the choice to be committed to someone takes courage. Hoping they are committed to you takes trust. If two individuals are on the same page with commitment, courage and faith you really can't go wrong.

If you are in a relationship, what type is it? Are you dating or are you committed?

If you are committed does the person you are in the relationship feel the same way? Or, are they only dating you?

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