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Dating is an action word

Girl being a couch potato
Girl being a couch potato
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We've all had an English class where we've heard the term action verb. It's when someone or something is performing a particular action. And when it comes to dating this definition hits the nail on the head.
Once you've decided that you want to get out into the dating world, meet people and settle down you can't have a passive attitude or demeanor. You have to actually get up and get out.
In order for dating someone to have any potential for success you have to put in the work. You can't just will things to happen off of your thoughts alone.
Dating has to become a part of your routine. Just like you shower and go to work, you should also make time to date. If you just sit on your couch all day and nothing gets done, the same will be true of your dating life. Being a couch potato isn't gonna help you find your soulmate. Only going to meet people and interacting with them will help you secure a possible partnership with someone.
You can't complain about what you want or what you don't have if you're not willing to go out and get it. Anything worth having is worth working for and dating is no different. Start with something small like going out at least once a week to a different place to meet people. New York is full of entertainment so there's really no excuse. And eventually when you meet someone date them. Go to dinners, movies, shoot pool, bowl or whatever you need to do in order get to know them.
Eventually you won't just be dating a prospective beau. They'll actually turn into the real thing. Dating will become more than an action verb. Now it's a person with a name that you're seeing. And that's what we all want, right?


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