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Ending a relationship is never an easy thing to do, and it usually does not matter if you have been together for several years or just a few weeks. Your emotions will also fluctuate between confusion, anger, frustration and in rare cases, happiness. A great amount of healing and reflection should be done before diving headfirst into the dating pool.
You should always surround yourself with those whom you trust. This will allow you to process the various feelings, emotions and thoughts. In reality, all things must come to an end. This truth is not the easiest to grasp, but be assured – everyone experiences some sort of loss. Allowing yourself to grieve is not only natural, but it is a very helpful step in the healing process.
Force yourself to find the silver lining around the cloud of disbelief that is known as your breakup. Enjoy the gift of being single, make plans to do the things you may have neglected while in a relationship. Plan day trips and outdoor activities, or find yourself a new hobby. If you ever wanted to play and instrument, now would be a good time to take those music lessons. Get out of your usual comfort zone and meet new people. Make a list of all the qualities you find in yourself, the things that separate you from the next person.
As mentioned earlier, get around people who are positive and uplifting. Those should be people who have seen you at your best; and who are always willing to offer comfort and support if needed.
Last, but certainly not least, be sure to release any emotional baggage before deciding to date again. There is nothing worse than starting a new situation when you are still anchored to things that caused you pain in the past. If your previous partner(s) cheated, do not assume the next one will. It is not fair to you, and it is definitely not fair to the new person.

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