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Dating for Single Fathers

Whether never married, divorced or widowed, there is an increase in the number of single fathers worldwide. U.S. Statistics indicate 1 out of 45 fathers are single-handedly raising their kid(s), while juggling home and work. Indeed, the life of a single dad is complex.

Single dads who start dating again agree most single women are not keen on dating them. This could be due to the fear of being saddled with taking care of their boyfriend’s child/children.

Based on a survey of 100 single fathers, the majority of fathers prefer to date single mothers with the assumption they will be more understanding and selfless regarding the single father’s commitment to his child/children.

Unlike single mothers, single fathers are more prone to feel incomplete without a life partner; thus, their tendency to rush into dating. These feelings of incompleteness increase their risk of committing themselves to the wrong woman.

Are you a single father eager to date? If so, here are few tips to help you assimilate into the dating game.

Dating Tips for a Single Father

Unfortunately, there is no right time to enter the dating if you are a single dad on the prowl. The best indication of the timing revolves around comfort level and feelings of the past relationship. If you harbor ill will or bad feelings from your past experience, then dating woman may not be your best option.

Take time to heal from your previous relationship, and when you feelings of resentment subside, hit the dating scene in full force.

Your Child’s Needs Come First!

Your children will most likely cannot and (will not) understand your need to date again. Frankly, they want their mother and father back together. Young children cannot comprehend why you have to date other women.

If you have older children, studies indicate they tend to blame themselves for the break-up between their mother and father. Before you attempt to go on dates, make sure your child’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs are met first.

You do not have to provide specifics for your dating reason, but ensure you answer your child’s questions about your decision to date again. Assure your child you love him/her. Last, do not hold back your dating life. Let them be a part of it.

Prioritize Yourself and Not Your EX

As a single father, your responsibility toward your children is first and foremost. If there’s no chance for reconciliation with the mother of your child, do not let your ex-wife or ex-partner stand in the way of you committing to a new relationship. Avoid the guilt trip or mind games your ex may play on you if she has not moved on.

On Finding the Right Woman

There are a lot of single women who are more than willing to date single dads. Why? Probably because single fathers are emotionally mature, loving, patient, responsible, protective, unselfish and passionate about themselves and their child/children.

As a single dad, be selective in the women you are dating. Be overly cautious and avoid dating the next woman you meet. You have child/children, so the woman you meet must be nurturing and motherly because whether you like it or not, her presence may play a role in your child’s life.

Be upfront and honest with women you meet. Tell them about your “fatherly” status. If they cannot handle the fact you are a single dad first or consider your child/children extra “baggage”, kick them to the curb and press on.

When to Introduce Your Date

When you find the right woman and want to date her, decide when is the appropriate time to introduce her to your child/children. Set up an informal meeting with them at a pizza parlor or have dinner at a neutral place. I have known men to wait until the relationship is serious before they introduce the woman their dating to family.

This might be unfair to the woman and child/children as they might think they are not important enough.

Dating for single fathers is a matter of balancing time with your kids and the potential partner. It is best to avoid introducing the children and the girlfriend unless the relationship has the potential to be more serious.

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