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Dating during the holidays (Part 2)

With these ideas and tips, dating during the holidays doesn't have to be stressful.
With these ideas and tips, dating during the holidays doesn't have to be stressful.
by P.K. Costa

Are you single and worried about dating during the holidays? Stress no more – dating should be worry-free any time of year so adorn yourself with a smile, get some sparkle on and continue reading with the second half of our holiday dating ideas and tips to ensure romance follows you and your date into the New Year.

Holiday dating ideas – with the green-conscious in mind (cont’d):

  • Volunteer together or help a nonprofit organization with a fundraising event to raise funds for those in need (keyword being together).
  • Venture out and live the holidays with your date – take advantage of annual holiday events and exhibits such as musicals, opera, theater, ballet, art, symphony, new movie releases, light shows, and even other local community performances (even in other cities). Don’t let the season pass by without celebrating it.

Holiday post date tips:

  • Confirm that you've had a good time, even if you haven't – this may be one of those rarities when it’s acceptable to bend a little to be kind.
  • Especially for the men: Confirm your desire to call her, and express when you'd like to again call (next week, in a few days) – and then do it. (For the record, there is no such thing as a three-day waiting period, or any waiting period for that matter.) Stalking (anything in excess of one follow-up telephone call without permission) is prohibited.
  • This is extremely important: If you are not interested in your date, do not make them wait. Be honest. Leaving someone hang on false hope or with maybe feelings is one of the worst dating etiquette offenses of all.
  • Follow-up. Speaking of stress, no one could stress enough the importance of follow-up and follow through. (Note: Text and email are not acceptable forms of follow-through). Be original and traditional – pick up the telephone and call your date to set up a time to call again, or to set a date to go out again – before someone else does.

Remember to see the holidays as an opportunity for dating specials– there are miracles waiting to happen in every aspect of life – keeping in mind that sometimes fate will make the introduction – but it's up to us to walk through the door to see what awaits us.

As always, good luck in your dating ventures and for goodness sakes don’t take life too seriously, be safe and have some fun.

"If you want to meet your soul mate you have to first be willing to meet your own soul." -Unknown

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