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Dating during the holidays (Part 1)

Dating during the holidays doesn't have to be stressful
Dating during the holidays doesn't have to be stressful
by P.K. Costa

The Christmas holidays have been known to get a little hectic, especially when trying to date – but with the right attitude and a few dating tips, it can also be the perfect time to take any hint of a sparkle and swirl it into a bubbling romance come 2012.

A basic date can easily be enhanced by simple memory-making fun such as the sharing of gingerbread lattes, hand-holding beneath the stars or amongst rows of trees wearing white-lit sweaters, mistletoe or angel kisses, snow (or sand) Angels and the never-ending Christmas light shows.

In order to truly welcome holiday dating without a single panic some say it's best to first take a deep breath, release all stress with an exhale and adorn that lovely face with a smile – for it's time to read the tip list below for help with gaining a fresh perspective on dating during the holidays.

Holiday pre-date tips:

  • If you have a dating profile, spruce it up with a few current holiday photos. If you’re a comedian at heart, try the tangled in lights look, or for the more serious maybe a Santa hat, blinking earrings or tie while dressed in work attire.
  • Bling it up and spread some cheer – with holiday accessories, that is. Try a shiny belt, holiday tie or jewelry, glittery eye shadow – a little holiday spirit is not only attractive but also contagious.

Holiday dating etiquette reminders (proper dating etiquette never goes out of style):

  • Open the car door
  • Pull out her seat at the restaurant
  • Help her with her coat
  • Dress warmly so you can offer her your coat
  • Open her car door for her whether she’s getting in or out (for women who need a little help remembering how, remember the swivel and turn exit)
  • Never assume a woman is on a diet; ask her if she’d like dessert – maybe she’d like to share something with you?
  • If she’s wearing four-inch heels or Stiletto’s, don’t thing walking two miles is going to be all that romantic (unless you're planning to trade shoes)

Holiday dating ideas (with the green-conscious in mind):

  • If fairly new into dating maybe add some sparkle to your evening with the surprise of a Christmas bell wall hanging or ornament (“every time a bell rings an Angel gets their wings”), a chocolate-dipped candy cane or a Christmas flower. The idea is to think differently; be creative and spontaneous, and let some of your personality shine through.
  • If you've been dating awhile and want to show some commitment (oh my goodness there’s that c word) – why not show up with a handful of spring flower bulbs (along with a real, silk or photo of the flower for an example) for your date to plant in the garden now so it will produce blooms in the spring? Nothing says I care and want to be around for a while than something to grow with your relationship. For literally a few dollars for a handful of colorful bulbs such a gesture is indeed a priceless gift to a potential mate. (Thank you, Tabatha for this suggestion.)

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