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Dating basics: Respect

When you encounter someone who is respectful, that is a person you should admire.
When you encounter someone who is respectful, that is a person you should admire.
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Respect, what does that mean again? Respect is thinking and behaving in a positive way about yourself and others. Understanding the meaning of respect is essential when it comes to the world of dating.

In my previous article, I explained that teenagers might be able to handle dating if they enjoy spending quality time with themselves. If you don’t want to be with yourself, then others won’t desire to hang out with you.

Another way to tell whether or not you are ready to date is based on your level of respect for yourself and others. When you encounter someone who is respectful, that is a person you should admire, and he or she could be a potential date.

Here are some signs of a decent person.


You want to date someone who is amorous, not obnoxious. You should desire a person who actually cares about him or herself and others.


Don’t forget to look for an attentive person. You want a respectful person who listens to others. This person will care about what you have to say, so pay attention when God sends someone like that your way.


You also want someone who will be honest even when no one is watching. That is a clear sign of someone who is respectful. You can trust someone with this characteristic because you won’t have to worry that he or she is a hypocrite.


Your significant other should be able to accept others without attempting to change them. This person will love your physique and all of the other distinctive traits God blessed you with.

Physical boundaries

This person will establish healthy boundaries with you. They will protect you from tempting situations where you might fall into sin. He or she will respect the fact that your body is sacred and that all sexual activities should be withheld until marriage.

When you meet someone who possesses those characteristics, you should stop long enough to admire him or her. You do not want to waste your time on anyone who is callous and selfish.

No, you want a boyfriend or girlfriend who will pay attention to you, will promote honesty, and will accept you just the way God has created you. He or she will also protect you from temptation and won’t lead you into compromising situations.

Final thought

As you are seeking a mate with those godly qualities, make sure you are allowing God to develop those same traits in you.

Work on respecting yourself today and you will attract the right person.

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