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Dating around your schedule



Finding time to incorporate someone you’re dating in your everyday schedule may be difficult, tiring, and time consuming. Setting realistic expectations upfront will help you to stay awake in your 8am meeting the next morning. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are running yourself ragged. You want to enjoy your time with your mate, and want them to enjoy their time with you, also. Try some of these tips to help you incorporate your dating life with your everyday life.

If you work a set schedule but have extracurricular activities after work, later evening dates may be just what you should do. Don’t completely disregard what you normally do just to please someone or feel pressure to uproot your life, but you may need to make some compromises in your schedule if you want to accommodate your new love. Consider only 1 book club instead of 2. Designate certain days you go to the gym. This way, you have some options for fun date nights. This will make your mate feel like you want to see them, and by "scheduling" the time, you won’t feel rushed or inconvenienced. We are more likely to compromise our schedule for someone we really want to get to know and spend time with. Make sure they do the same for you. Dating is a two way street, and you want to feel the same amount of compromise from them too.

If you work a flexible schedule where your work schedule could be different each day, you will have to be creative. You most likely will know your schedule in advance, so set some time aside for lunch or a game of pool after work. If this is the case, bring a small bag with your makeup, a brush, and stuff to refresh yourself if you’re meeting after work. Sometimes we feel blah after a long day, so a fresh coat of makeup or a brush through your hair can do just the trick. A dab of peppermint oil to your pulse points will also give you a boost and wake you up from your work coma. Stay away from the energy drinks, you will just crash harder and look tired. Instead try vitamins or something with a natural energy booster like green tea or ginseng.

Don’t feel pressure to agree to a date night if you need some ‘you time’. There is nothing wrong with wanting to vegg out on the couch watching your favorite show in your pajamas. We all need alone time to reconnect with ourselves and recharge our batteries. Assure your mate that you want to see them soon by making plans for a night or time you are available to give them full attention.

Don’t stay out too late past your bedtime. You know how much rest you need to be able to function the next day, and you know what all the doctors say you need. There are times when we are having so much fun, we don’t want to leave the date, but when the clock strikes that magic number, make sure you don’t order another drink. Start to wind the date down, especially if it’s on a work night. As much as we want to be refreshed for our date, we need to be refreshed for work as well. Keep it balanced and you will have a well rounded work, activity, and social calendar.