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Dating apps - Tinder

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In the world of smartphone’s and apps for everything, it kind of makes sense to use the technology at hand to try and meet new people. There are multiple apps out there that will help you find the one who completes you, but none of them are as direct, easy to use and widely adopted as Tinder.

Tinder is easily the most superficial of any dating app you can download, as you are trying to create matches based purely on physical attraction, but there is a beautiful simplicity to that idea. Rather than spending hours perusing profiles on a traditional dating app or website, you can get down to brass tax and begin the search for potential matches who are operating with the same mind set as you.

Setting up Tinder is extremely simple, as it only operates by connecting with your Facebook. This may turn some people off as they may be afraid that Tinder will post all over their wall, letting the world know that they are superficial dbags, but that is not the case. Tinder only uses Facebook to pull out profile pictures and names, while also guaranteeing that your potential matches have a better chance of being real and not crazy (this falls under the assumption that truly crazy people do not use Facebook). Once your Tinder profile is ready to go (in minutes) you can begin the process of searching the many people around you who have also installed Tinder, using the search preferences of age and distance to narrow down your options.

In terms of functionality, Tinder is as simple to use as it is to set up. Swipe left to reject a potential match, swipe right to like one. If you like someone who also likes you, you are matched up and will have the ability to message each other, allowing you to explore potential matches on a slightly deeper level.

Due to Tinder’s simplicity and usability, it has become more of a casual encounter app, but if you let your intentions be known in your profile, you are more likely to match-up with like-minded people.

If you want a dating app that will have you ready to start meeting people almost immediately, Tinder is probably the app for you, but be warned that you will not be matching with people based upon mutual interests outside of your interests in physical appearance.