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Dating and erectile dysfunction

As we get older there are complications associated with dating and becoming intimate with others that don’t affect us as much when we are younger. Often this is more the case for men than for women.

One out of every ten men in the world has some form of erectile dysfunction (ED), and 30 million of them are in the United States. While dating someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you will become intimate, men who experience ED can be intimidated by the very thought of dating and ultimately having to deal with the situation. This is unfortunate and eliminates many wonderful men from the dating pool.

Oxidative stress, what many people call free radicals, is known to contribute to a host of diseases that increase the risk of ED. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase are enzymes that our bodies produce as our natural defense against oxidative stress. These enzymes consume, or neutralize, free radicals at the rate of 1 million per second. Antioxidants in foods and vitamins have a one to one reaction with antioxidants. As we age, we produce less SOD and catalase enzymes. Our blood contains Tbars which increase with age, and are an indication of the level of oxidative stress on a cellular level. While good nutrition and vitamins help in the battle against free radicals there is no way that they can be ingested at the level necessary to even the playing field.

There is a revolutionary nutritional supplement that has been proven to even the playing field with regard to oxidative stress. It has thousands of times more antioxidant power than any food or nutritional supplement. This little yellow pill combines five herbs (gree tea, turmeric, milk thistle, bacopa and ashwagandha) that have been used in Indian and Chinese remedies for centuries. Their synergistic combination provides significantly more antioxidant protection than any individual ingredient. However, it isn’t the individual antioxidants of these herbs that is so interesting. It is that they stimulate the body to produce more SOD, catalase and glutathione enzymes that is so interesting. So many more that by taking one of these pills a day, even an 80 year old can reduce their oxidative stress to that of a new born. It is the only supplement in the world clinically proven to slow down cell aging by an average of 40%.  You may purchase this pill through an Independent Distributor (contact author for more info). It sounds incredible and it is. What the long term benefits may be are undetermined at this time, but over ten universities are performing self-funded studies to start to find out. What is known is that oxidative stress greatly contributes to allowing diseases like diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and many more (many of which are known to contribute to ED) to gain a foothold and progress within our bodies as we age. This little yellow pill offers a way to naturally reduce oxidative stress.  Reducing oxidative stress could help reduce or eliminate conditions associated with oxidative stress such as ED.

Don’t let ED stop you from dating. There are options available, and relationships are about so many more things that physical intimacy.

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  • Stephe 5 years ago

    Great information, Susan. And I especially appreciate the way you esteem men who might otherwise feel like they have nothing to offer a relationship.

  • Chris 5 years ago

    Hugely misleading Susan. You talk about breakthrough science contained in a little yellow pill that fights oxidative stress (Protandim), but you link to your MonaVie site. No offense, but Monavie is just another juice drink. How do I buy Protandim?

  • Stefano 5 years ago

    Great point Chris. Susan, you say that "While good nutrition and vitamins help in the battle against free radicals there is no way that they can be ingested at the level necessary to even the playing field" yet protandim reduces oxidative stress to that of a newborn? then, why are you promoting juice? it's an ingestible anti-oxidant, in the family of those you say doesn't work.... if protandim does what you say it does, why aren't you promoting it?

  • Susan Rohricht 5 years ago

    I did not say that vitamins and ingestible antioxidants like juice don't work, they are good for you. However, as we age we can't keep up, even with the help of vitamins and good nutrition. Lifevantage has very specific guidelines with regard to promoting their products, as a distributor I must respect that. They do not want to mislead anyone that their products cure or treat any disease or dysfunction (FDA leagalease), therefore no link in the article. By mentioning the product and an ailment in an article it can be construed as claiming the same. MonaVie is a whole food, a juice. It also does not cure or treat anything, but good nutrition does. I promote good nutrition and natural dietarty supplements as opposed to synthesized products that offer no nutritional value and are likely a major contributor to many dysfunctions. Immunoviva also has some great products if you are in search of. You may contact me at the email in my profile regarding any of these items.