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Dating an EMOTIONAL SCAMMER the rest of the story...

Wedding photo Dec. 2013
Wedding photo Dec. 2013

This is an update to my last article posted Feb 26, 2014 post: Wife #6 (their divorce was finalized 12/1/2013) lived close by John J's house noticing that his car hadn't been there for quite a while because the house looked vacant. Wife #6 checked his Facebook page and saw a photo of his wedding in December to Yolanda - Wife #7. performed by John's Facebook friend Padre "P" in Phoenix , not by his Pastor at his home church in Sun City, AZ. John had posted a photo on Facebook taken at Bryce Canyon, AZ in the Fall. Hopefully, after our broken engagement 9/30/2013 unless that is where he was when he was supposed to be in France handling the "deaths of his two grandchildren".

Padre "P" commented on the Facebook photo at Bryce Canyon about what a nice couple they made. I sent a message to the good Padre asking him how a good friend of John J's he was and whether he was aware of John's propensity not to be truthful. I explained why I asked; how long John had been divorced (at that time he was still married to Wife #6 while engaged to me, John had told me he had been divorced for two and half years), the stories of his estrangement with his son, his beloved daughter Kat's' tragic death in a car accident three years before and her children's purported deaths in France in mid-September, 2013. I emailed that if he needed any additional information to feel free to call me and I would elaborate. He never contacted me by email or phone.

I wonder if Padre "P" did the usual pre-wedding counseling (as the Lutheran church and many other churches recommend) with John J and Yolanda? Did he mention to Yolanda that John J had been married 6 times (that we know of) or that he had been engaged to at least 3 women in the past 18 months since his divorce from Wife # 5 in mid 2012. Apparently, there isn't required disclosure of emotional defects and marriages like there are in the defects disclosure when buying a house. Wouldn't you, in similar circumstances like to know that information before marrying someone? At least you can't say John J is afraid of commitment (he told me that because of his religious beliefs he couldn't live with a woman without marriage -lying must be OK) but John apparently gives up too easily on marriage rather than working on a long term relationship, leaving a trail of havoc for those women he supposedly loved.

The end of this saga is that John has moved to Las Vegas to live with Wife #7 and said to be teaching at some college. Ladies from Arizona and Phoenix especially can take a breather from this Emotional Scammer, at least for awhile... If you recognize anything about this man in an online dating profile do not engage (pun intended) just keep looking for the really wonderful man that you deserve.

Yolanda looks like a nice lady- as I am sure his previous fiance's and wives are. Hopefully, they will have a happy marriage, if not, she has family to help pick up the pieces like the rest of us did after our encounters with John J.

Wife #6 has since met a really nice man through an online dating site. I am still cautiously looking...

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